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Patrick van Aanholt has played down concerns that he is suffering from a heart complaint, telling the Dutch magazine Voetbal International "there is really nothing to worry about". Van Aanholt was withdrawn from Sunderland's starting XI just 15 minutes before kick-off at Tottenham on Sunday and the manager, David Moyes, has explained that this was because of a phone call from a cardiologist to Sunderland's club doctor. Sunderland and the Football Association have since been embroiled in a dispute, with the FA denying any involvement. The Dutch full-back explained: "I was indeed surprised, because there is Fußballtrikots Kinder AC Mailand really nothing to worry about. I've been sick last week. I picked up a virus and that would have crept around my body, possibly even to my heart. So we had to make a scan, but the scan is offered late or too late at the FA and therefore I had to sit in the stands. I felt nothing in my heart, I'm just fit. I play tomorrow normally." Moyes had sounded more circumspect about the 26-year-old defender's chances of playing at Queens Park Rangers on Wednesday in the League Cup, merely saying that Van Aanholt "is travelling" to London. The manager had said that in addition to the "statutory tests at the start of the season", which all players undergo, Van Aanholt had an extra test last week. Medical confidentiality meant Sunderland would not say whether this re-test was requested for short-term or long-term reasons but Van Aanholt has now offered an explanation. "Not good," was how Van Aanholt took the news on Sunday, Moyes said. "Patrick was out warming up. I didn't want to pull him right in off the pitch. I wanted to tell him face-to-face the Fußballtrikots Kinder Liverpool minute he walked off the pitch from the warm-up. "He sent me a text message yesterday and he seems fine. He met another cardiologist yesterday, so I think he's in full understanding of his position and where he stands. I think he's OK."Of the reaction from Van Aanholt's team-mates on Sunday, Moyes added: "It affected them. They came in and were told that one of their team-mates was ... now, of course, you've heard of people going over on the ankle in the warm-up and pulling out, but this was a completely different scenario."
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